Got an email recently which read as follows:

I want to get a poster-display-thing designed which shows the complex process I use for creating my awesome blank books.

This will make retail shop owners go HOLY BALLS THESE BOOKS ARE AWESOME (AND CHEAP FOR HOW HARD THEY ARE TO MAKE!) and be something I can use as a display, so customers can also be super impressed.


I was in. Obviously.

The books are awesome. And the process is complex. And though book making is the kind of old-world process which might suggest a crafty or precious approach, Ealasaid (and by extension her work) rolls with a rock-and-roll aesthetic — so that’s the direction we took for the design and illustration: Rough. Unpolished. Strong.

The illustrations were technical and challenging, and I learned a TON about how this kind of book is crafted in the process of creating them.

Which is to say I had a blast.

The poster and illustrations turned out beautifully, and will soon be seen in a bookstore near you.