When the namesake of the Santa Cruz commercial photography studio “Thomas Burke & Others” retired, the Others decided it was time for a re-brand.

Their logo was already looking dated, and since the studio was moving into cutting-edge digital rendering as well as photography, a very new look was called for.

We began by paring the name down to its initials. Then by thinking sleek, modern and cleeeean (and working through many many pages of sketches and comps), I shaped their look into this:

I love it. Strong and simple, light and open, it’s a timeless look that should age beautifully, and suggests “creative studio” without resorting to pixels or camera lens.

A suite of complementary colors, typefaces, and a style guide were developed to help the studio understand and work with their new look. For a certain sort of mind, these detailed reference works are actually pretty fun to do!

The warm secondary golds work perfectly as complementary colors, just dark enough to hold up in typography, but light enough to serve as solid backgrounds as well. And they even evoke sunny Santa Cruz.

The website had recently undergone a nice redesign, so working in the new logo, color scheme, and typefaces went very smoothly too.

There’s more, of course — email newsletter, presentation template, QuickBooks invoicing template, and so on … but this will do for now .

Another logo design, another satisfied client.

client: TB&O