Know what I love? Motorcycles.

Riding them, of course, but wrenching on ’em, too.

So when Matt Remington Wilson started talking about his vision for a DIY motorcycle repair shop — a cooperative, DIY repair shop (how Portland is that?) — I knew I’d have to climb on board.

Matt learned his craft in the military, so a brand that alluded to this fact (as well as to a simpler time, mechanically speaking), was called for. We decided that World War II bomber nose art would be our touchstone.

And thus was born the Ratchets Away “Flying Wrench Girl”:

I love this project for many reasons, but fooling around with hand-lettering (in homage to the DIY art of WW2 bomber crews) and a ’40s-era vibe are near the top of the list.

And the whole thing turned out beautifully.

Note: there’s a Kickstarter project currently underway to raise money to outfit the space. Feel free to throw some cash in the kitty.