Books Unbanned


These FREE stickers are directly inspired by the Brooklyn Public Library's Books Unbanned initiative – with printing and shipping generously sponsored by Portlanders horrified by the rising tide of right-wing censorship in schools across the country. Thank you, you know who you are!

Please put them up where teens are gonna see them! They're high-quality waterproof stickers, so the message should last:

National Teen BPL eCard

For a limited time, individuals ages 13-21 can apply for a free BPL eCard, providing access to our full eBook collection as well as our learning databases. To apply, email

Each order gets you four stickers. If you have more than four good spots to put 'em up, add more to your order!

• Waterproof, high-quality matte-coated stickers
• 2.75" squares
• 4 stickers per order

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