The Book Roadie: Book Making Poster

Book Roadie poster

The books are awesome. And the process is complex. And though book making is the kind of old-world process which might suggest a crafty or precious approach, Ealasaid (and by extension her work) rolls with a rock-and-roll aesthetic — so that’s the direction we took for the design: Rough. Unpolished. Strong. »

Chicago Urban Energy: “Wind Speed” Poster

Chicago Urban Energy

So you want to put a wind turbine on your roof ? That’s where Chicago Urban Energy comes in. And even if it wasn’t the kind of good-for-the-world heart-of-gold company that I love to support, I’d have jumped at the chance to create a Hatch Show Print styled poster like this. »

“Waiting for Pierrot” poster

Waiting for Pierrot

You may remember the amazing Noel Williams from a poster I did a few years ago for her award-winning one-woman commedia dell’arte show, “Party of One“. Noel is back with a brand new project called “Waiting for Pierrot”. »

Kung Fu Fashion Show

Kung-fu Fashion Show

I ran across this half-forgotten postcard in my files today, and liked it so much I just thought I’d share. Truth be told it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten what this job was actually about, though the name does evoke an interesting image or three. »

Roshambo Winery: RPS Poster ’07

RPS Poster 07

In honor of their name, Roshambo Winery hosts a “Rock Paper Scissors” Tournament every year. This year’s poster theme was swiped from the stylish “Flamingo Resort” in which the showdown was held. »

“Party of One” Poster/Postcard

Party of One

Noel Williams is a clown. Not your stereotypical “under the Big Top” kind of character, though — her approach is unusual, spirited, and “charmingly crazy”. Noel has her own alt-clown flavour, a fearless version of the French Renaissance-era art of “bouffon”. »

Santa Cruz Harley-Davidson: Bomber Nouveau

Santa Cruz Harley Poster Bomber Nouveau

It’s a motorcycle poster. No, really! The begoggled beauty with a penetrating gaze rests artfully on a representation of a “Bomber Bike” — one of a series of custom Harleys created by Mike James … »

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