Mirrorhaven: web header illustration


A gloriously pink fairy oak, lovingly watching over a darkly forested, twilight landscape. This seemed like the very thing to do — especially for someone seeking to “make the world more loving, compassionate, sparkly and alive.” »

Ratchets Away!: Brand, logo, and website

Ratchets Away!

When Matt Remington Wilson started talking about his vision for a motorcycle repair shop — a cooperative, DIY motorcycle repair shop (how Portland is that?) — I knew I’d have to climb on board. »

The Book Roadie: Book Making Poster

Book Roadie poster

The books are awesome. And the process is complex. And though book making is the kind of old-world process which might suggest a crafty or precious approach, Ealasaid (and by extension her work) rolls with a rock-and-roll aesthetic — so that’s the direction we took for the design: Rough. Unpolished. Strong. »

Amna Ahmad’s “Pragmatic Hybrid”: Website + blog

Pragmatic Hybrid

Pragmatic Hybrid: Someone who’s chosen to blend the place they’ve come from with the place they want to be – Creative Strategist Amna Ahmad herself is Exhibit A: »

Jennifer Louden’s “Virtual Retreat”: Website header

Comfort Summit 2010

Jennifer Louden, the world-renowned Comfort Queen, called me with an urgent request. She needed a simple header for her upcoming “Virtual Retreat”. »

Roller Derby logo

Guns N Rollers

The Guns N Rollers already have a terrific team logo, but I just thought taking a crack at a re-design would be fun. And it was! »

Light Beckons: blog header (and renovation)

Light Beckons blog header

It had become obvious to Irene that even though her generic blog looked nice, it didn’t really reflect her personality or that of her business. She was ready to take steps to remodel her digital digs — and that’s where I came in. »

BhakTi: Gods and goddesses re-imagined

Kali hindu goddess

Stuart Rice is a man with vision. In fact, a man with many visions, not the least of which is a re-imagining of the entire Hindu pantheon. This time around, the gods and goddesses spring into new life as 20th-century pop icons. »

Fluent Self: “the Dissolve-O-Matic”

Fluent Self Dissolve-O-Matic

The “Dissolve-O-Matic” is the latest in the series of illustrations created for Havi Brooks’ self-work products, in the quirky style semi-officially dubbed “Steampunk meets Yellow Submarine”… »

Santa Cruz Harley-Davidson: God of Oil

CSanta Cruz Harley Oil God

My client calls me from the road, suddenly struck by a marketing vision. “Richard, I know what our next ad’s gotta be!” As he describes this revelation, I see that he’s on to something … »

Filme und So: Website header

Filme und So

The website’s name translates as “Movies and Stuff”, and that’s what this German-language podcast and blog is all about. It features movie reviews liberally interspersed with thoughts on pop music, Macintosh hardware, and other necessaries of modern life. »

Albino!: CD Package


This CD package and illustration of an irritated rhino was created for a sprawling and powerful 12-piece ensemble from California’s East Bay Area. »

Schlaflos in Muenchen: Website header

Schlaflos in Muenchen

… the podcast has made Annik famous; she’s one of the best known internet personalities in the German-speaking world. And the graphic I created — featuring her beloved cat “Tiger” and Munich’s famous Frauenkirche — still sits atop her blog … »

Spicy SinSations: Spicy Pinup Girl #3

Spicy SinSations Pinup

Presenting “Nellie”, pinup girl #3 in the Spicy SinSations brand mascots series. This irreverently good-natured purveyor of adult toys is located in Portland, Oregon, center of a recent explosion of music, arts, and eco-positive hipster street culture. It’s a young and vibrant scene … »

Spicy SinSations: Spicy Pinup Girl #2

Spicy SinSations Pinup

Presenting “Candace”, pinup girl #2 in the series of brand mascots created for Spicy SinSations. I created each of the girls to speak to a different demographic sector, and “Candace “speaks to a suburbanite woman — the mother next door with a bit of sexy flair … »

Spicy SinSations: Spicy Pinup Girl #1

Spicy SinSations Pinup

Presenting the first of the “Spicy Pinup Girls”, a series of mascots created especially for Spicy SinSations “naughty+fun” brand. This first pinup was created especially for use on a sponsorship banner at Portland’s hip new roller derby league, the Rose City Rollers … »

Fluent Self: “the Destuckification Station”

Fluent Self Destuckification Station

Havi Brooks will inform you that she’s not at all a visual person, but when digging for ways to describe her series of self-work programs, eBooks and audio products, the images that popped up were “big, crazy, friendly machines”. … »

Isabel Ash: Comic Book Illustration

Isabel Ash

The appropriately mysterious final page of the graphic series “The Enigmatic Adventures of Isabel Ash”, portraying our heroine’s disappearance into the San Francisco fog… »

Santa Cruz Harley-Davidson: The Night Rider

Santa Cruz Harley Night Rider

Roaring out of the Pacific Ocean into the pale light of a sickle moon — it’s the Night Rider (supply your own Santa Cruz folkloric explanation here) … »

Santa Cruz Harley-Davidson: ‘Roxie’ Pinup

Santa Cruz Harley Pinup Roxie

Roxie! The second of Santa Cruz Harley’s two stylized pinup girls, and the tougher of the pair. These two vintage motorcycle lovers were created for the Santa Cruz Harley dealership. Like Veronica, Roxie was introduced through a print ad, then brought to T-shirts … »

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