TB&O: logo/rebrand

When the namesake of the Santa Cruz commercial photography studio “Thomas Burke & Others” retired, the Others decided it was time for a re-brand. Their logo was already looking dated, and since the studio was moving into cutting-edge digital rendering … read more

Focusing Resources: CD package design

This project dates back a year or two, but it popped back up this week for a couple revisions. As I updated the address and Ann Weiser Cornell’s photo, I thought, “hmm, this is actually a nice little package!” And since I do love packaging work, I thought I’d share: read more

Mirrorhaven: web header illustration

A gloriously pink fairy oak, lovingly watching over a darkly forested, twilight landscape. This seemed like the very thing to do — especially for someone seeking to “make the world more loving, compassionate, sparkly and alive.” read more

Ratchets Away!: Brand, logo, and website

When Matt Remington Wilson started talking about his vision for a motorcycle repair shop — a cooperative, DIY motorcycle repair shop (how Portland is that?) — I knew I’d have to climb on board. read more

The Book Roadie: Book Making Poster

The books are awesome. And the process is complex. And though book making is the kind of old-world process which might suggest a crafty or precious approach, Ealasaid (and by extension her work) rolls with a rock-and-roll aesthetic — so that’s the direction we took for the design: Rough. Unpolished. Strong. read more

Chicago Urban Energy: “Wind Speed” Poster

So you want to put a wind turbine on your roof ? That’s where Chicago Urban Energy comes in. And even if it wasn’t the kind of good-for-the-world heart-of-gold company that I love to support, I’d have jumped at the chance to create a Hatch Show Print styled poster like this.read more