Print stuff

Calyx Design creates posters, postcards, and — well, just about anything that involves ink landing on paper. My network includes a host of terrific printers capable of producing just about any job — including the occasional bus! Click through a pile of print work in the portfolio here.

Web stuff

Web sites have to present more than just a pretty face … they’ve got to produce! (and have a pretty face, too.) That’s where I come in, forging pixels into beautiful tools for communicating with your target audience, and turning them into a fan club.

I have a ton of experience working with WordPress (the famous, free personal blogging system), and have been writing basic web code since approximately the dawn of time.

Logo + Branding stuff

I delve into the heart of the soul of your business and give it a face. Take a look at the rogues gallery.

The way we work

Looking for details about the way a project would actually go? Here’s your answer. You can find the “fine print” over there too.


Like what you see? Have a an awesome idea that desperately needs some design TLC or a fun project that is waiting for the person who can do it right? Get in touch right now and we’ll figure out what to do about it.

I work with the smart & quirky to help them express the essence of what they do.
Calyx Design through the magic of the internet.